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  • How can I get involved?
    You don’t have to be an executive to hang out with us! We welcome everyone to participate. Here are some ways to get involved with ESS: 📆 Attend a General Meeting We host bi-weekly General Meetings to discuss the projects and events that we’re working on. General Meetings allow undergraduate students in economics to voice their opinions and help. Find out more about the general meeting schedule for this semester here 🗂️ Join a Committee! We currently have three committees and students are welcome to join any committee that interests them. 🎉 Come to Our Events! We try to host as many events as possible that will appeal to a range of students. Events will be posted on our socials and on our website calendar when they occur, so check frequently! 📲 Follow Us on Social Media Always be informed when you follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and like us on Facebook!
  • What events is ESS planning to hold?
    ESS is planning various events to support economics students : study nights, socials, networking events, and educational panels. We organise regular study nights to support students, especially during exam season. Our study nights are facilitated by TAs that can support and answer your questions. Our annual career night is one of our biggest events. The event is a great opportunity to meet prospect employees, connect with other students, and learn about your future path. It is usually held in February (next date TBA). Social events are held throughout the year to help you meet like-minded students and are a great opportunity at the end of midterm or final exam to relax. We are currently planning and arranging new events for students, so please check our website, instagram and ESS Bulletin Boards in the Second Floor Main Hall of the WMC!
  • Do you know any good tutors?
    ESS does not offer tutoring services, however, we do have study nights to teach and learn from each where we invite TAs to support and answer any questions! If you require any academic support, the Economics department would be able to better assist you.
  • How can I purchase an ESS hoodie?
    The ESS hoodie is one of the best items to purchase for someone's graduation or as a personal gift! For purchase inquiry, please email us, or find us around the campus for special sales events by checking our events schedule. We accept cash and e-transfer
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