Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know any good tutors?

The Economics department would be best able to assist you with this.

How can I get involved?

You don’t have to be an executive to hang out with us. We welcome everyone to participate. Here are some ways to get involved with the SFU Economics Student Society: -Attend a General Meeting
We host bi-weekly General Meetings to discuss the projects and events that we’re working on. General Meetings allow undergraduate students in economics to voice their opinions and help. -Join a Committee!
We currently have three committees and students are welcome to join any committee that interests them. Find more information about our committees here. -Come to Our Events!
We try to host as many events as possible that will appeal to a range of students. Events will be posted on Facebook and our site calendar when they occur, so check frequently! -Follow Us on Social Media
Always be informed when you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and like us on Facebook!