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We've launched a discord server!

Join us at: 



1. Respect Others. No harassment, personal attacks, bullying, and malicious doxxing. No hateful messaging of any kind -- absolutely no discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, gender, and sexual orientation.


2. No Spamming. Self-explanatory.


3. Absolutely no NSFW content (nudity, pornography, gore, and other disturbing content and messages) within this Discord

4. No Posting Personal Information • Messages with personal or confidential information are not allowed. Please respect other people's privacy.


5. Other • Chat in the correct chatrooms • Do not advertise other Discord servers or user content without the permission of the moderators. Sharing your own content and content's of others is OK.


We will try to give warnings and communicate with offenders first. But if the misconduct continues we will give out more severe punishments, including mutes, kicks, and bans If any of these rules are broken, please message one of the mods or admins. We will handle things accordingly and message the people in question if needed. Remember: We are students and we are all invested in discussion. Be understanding and respectful to others.

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